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Neuromyths in Education ...

Raise your hand if you’ve ever come across any of these ideas:

  • We only use 10% of our brains

  • Students possess a dominant learning style

  • Brain games can make us smarter

These are just some of the many ‘neuromyths’ that remain prevalent in education … despite the mountains of research and evidence that demonstrate otherwise.


But does this even matter?


Does the belief in neuromyths actually lead to ineffective teaching?


In this 'From Theory to Practice' video, I take a look at a (in my completely unbiased opinion) superb piece of research that aims to answer this very question:


On the Irrelevance of Neuromyths to Teacher Effectiveness (Horvath, Hattie, Donoghue, Horton, Lodge | 2018)


Here are some of the questions I tackle in this installment:

  • What is the genesis of incorporating neuroscience into standard teacher training?

  • Do expert, award-winning teachers believe in fewer neuromyths than novice teachers?

  • Does it always make sense to equip teachers with a deep understanding of how the brain functions?

Give it a watch, and let me know what you think in the YT comments section.


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Video Transcript

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's From Theory to Practice, where I take a look at the research so you don't have to.


The article I’ve selected this week is called On the Irrelevance of Neuromyths to Teacher Effectiveness by Horvath and colleagues.


Wait a second … did I just select one of my own papers?


Yes, I did. Why? Because I am clearly an egomaniac, and I think we actually all might have something to learn from this ;)

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