Reading Wars Pt 2: Whole Word Versus Phonics

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War of the Proses (FAQ) ...

Because I received so many good questions and comments about my initial Reading Wars video, I wanted to post a quick follow-up to address some of the more common threads.


In this installment of 'From Theory To Practice', I tackle the following questions:

  • Do people ever read in whole words?

  • From where did the whole word reading theory originate from?

  • Where does reading comprehension fit into this discussion?

  • What about logographic scripts (like Mandarin Chinese) – do they follow the same rules as alphabetic scripts?

Give it a watch, and let me know what you think in the YT comments section.


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Video Transcript

Hello everybody. Last week I released a video exploring the difference between phonics and whole word reading, and since then I've received a lot of great questions from you all.


I love to see that you're thinking about and really engaging with these ideas!


In fact, some of the questions I got were so good that I thought I'd make this short follow-up video to piece them together and share those answers with everyone here …

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